Lakeside Guide to Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

Guide to Food & Restaurants in Ajijic & Lake Chapala, Mexico

This guide to restaurants in Ajijic, which includes a photographic overview to some of the common types of Mexican foods found in the area, will help you when dining out at Lake Chapala.

Dining Out Guide

For the uninitiated, it can be tricky to figure out some items on the menu when you're ordering Mexican food. So it's easy to stick to something familiar like tacos or enchiladas, and you can end up missing out on some of the more interesting dishes to be had. What is carne en su jugo? What's the difference between a torta and a lonche? A sope versus a pellizcada? Check out the guide below to some of the common foods – comida típica – found at Lake Chapala.

Restaurants & Food in Ajijic

Then further below, check out the guide to 30+ restaurants and food-related businesses in Ajijic, from ice cream made in barrels to yellow-corn tortillas and sushi. In addition to all of the wonderful local Mexican cuisine, we're also fortunate to have a wide variety of restaurants here, including Thai, Vietnamese, top-notch pizza, and many more. Some have been around for 50 years, some just popped up recently.

Dining Out Guide to Mexican Food at Lake Chapala

Food & Restaurants in Ajijic

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