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The Lakeside Guide to Ajijic & Lake Chapala, Mexico
Goat Farm Tour
People prepare for a temazcal ceremony on the Lake Chapala shore just east of the malecón.
Each dance has its own style of dress which is traditional in the region where the dance comes from.
Feria Maestros del Arte
Jimadores jimar agave plants in a field in Arandas, which is east of Tequila a few hours in the highlands or los altos of Jalisco. Los altos is another area of Jalisco highly dependent on the production of tequila.
Market Day

To Do / Lake Chapala, Mexico

Visitors and residents at Lake Chapala are lucky to have a wide range of things to do, from strolling along the scenic malecón, with its captivating lakeside views, to attending local events such as a traditional sweat lodge ceremony.

Schedule a day trip to explore nearby towns, hike to a waterfall or join in the festive spirit during local holidays, immersing yourself in the rich culture and customs. Ajijic and Lake Chapala offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, providing a captivating destination for everyone.