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The Lakeside Guide to Ajijic & Lake Chapala, Mexico
Fiestas de San Andrés.
Ballet Folklórico
Day of the Dead

Holidays & Festivals / Lake Chapala, Mexico

Traditional celebrations, festive holidays, and a robust sense of community identity are essential aspects of life for locals residing in Ajijic and the neighboring towns around Lake Chapala.

Although many holidays celebrated in Ajijic originate from Catholic roots, it is the devoted townspeople, not the Church, who actively preserve these long-standing (and sometimes new) customs. The Church assumes a limited role in maintaining the town’s numerous processions, feast days, and traditions. The decades-old Passion Play, for instance, is organized by a separate group of townspeople, who rely on small donations and fundraisers to cover expenses.

The true custodians of Ajijic’s cultural heritage are the committed families and community members who unselfishly dedicate their time and scarce resources to conserve these local customs and festive occasions. The majority of the 25 annual holidays and events featured below transpire between September and Easter.

These celebrations encompass both nationally recognized holidays and those unique to Ajijic, like the Mexican Bread Pudding Contest. Each holiday is observed in a distinctively Ajijic style, highlighting the town’s vibrant spirit and rich culture.

Upcoming Annual Holidays & Festivals in Ajijic & at Lake Chapala