Lakeside Guide to Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

Café de Veracruz

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For 18 years, Francisco Martínez has been on the Ajijic highway selling coffee beans from his farm in Veracruz.

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If you’ve been on the highway in Ajijic, it’s hard to miss Francisco García Martínez and his ubiquitous red truck with a white sign that reads “Café 100% Puro.” For the last 18 years, Francisco has set up shop about a block west of Farmacia Guadalajara on the highway that runs through town.

Francisco sells beans that his family grows on 2.5 acres of land in the Coatepec region in his native state of Veracruz.

He spends about a month here in Ajijic until he sells out of beans. Then he’s gone for two weeks as he makes the 15-hour return trip to his home in Veracruz, where he collects and roasts more beans before heading back to Ajijic to start the cycle over again.

You can sometimes spot his business partner, Claudio, selling the same beans out of a wheelbarrow that he pushes around town. (Catch him in the plaza during the morning or outside of the restaurant Tengo on Morelos afternoons and evenings.)

Francisco sells a dark and a medium roast. Prices as of April 2018 are 170 pesos per kilo. Choose from whole beans, or Claudio or Francisco will grind them for you while you wait.


Last updated November 11, 2018

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Carretera Oriente #38


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Francisco is not always in Ajijic. He is here for 4 weeks at a time before he returns to Veracruz for 2 weeks to roast more coffee.

Mon7:00am -9:00pm
Tue7:00am -9:00pm
Wed7:00am -9:00pm
Thu7:00am -9:00pm
Fri7:00am -9:00pm
Sat7:00am -9:00pm
Sun7:00am -9:00pm

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Photos of Café de Veracruz

Spooning coffee beans into the hand grinder.

Coffee beans fresh from The Coatepec region of Veracruz.

Francisco will sell you kilos or half-kilos or any amount. Or sell you the exact amount in pesos that you want. As of April 2018, he's selling a kilo of coffee beans for 170 pesos (about $9.30 USD).

Weighing ground coffee on the scale.

Dark roast coffee beans from Veracruz.

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Medium roast coffee beans from Veracruz in Francisco's coffee grinder.

Coffee beans in the back of the truck and a book about St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes He's also the patron saint of merchants.

A scale and lots of bags of coffee in the back of Francisco's truck.

Francisco García grinding coffee along the highway in Ajijic.

Francisco García Martínez grows his coffee on 2.5 acres of property in his home state, Veracruz.

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Francisco talks to a passerby while selling coffee on the highway in Ajijic.

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