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Fiesta de San Miguel

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This fiesta for the patron saint of one of Ajijic’s six barrios was lost 200 years ago & recently revived.

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Not only do towns have a patron saint, but many neighborhoods in these towns also have their own patrón or patrona, too.

The neighborhood of San Miguel is one of Ajijic’s six barrios, but about 200 years ago, the annual fiesta for its eponymous saint disappeared from the town’s traditions. It’s been revived by those who live today in the neighborhood and is now in its fourth year.

Procession Route

The procession starts at 11 a.m. at the top of Tempisque Street. There at the foot of the hills is a small cave where the image of San Miguel is kept throughout the year.

The saint is brought out and held in someone’s arms, heading south on Tempisque to the plaza, then west to Seís Esquinas and north again to return to the foot of the hills, where the fiesta continues all afternoon and into the night with food, music, a torito (a fireworks-shaped bull display that people raise above their heads and run around with), and other activities.

Last updated December 25, 2018

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Photos of Fiesta de San Miguel

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