Lakeside Guide to Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

Guide to Fiestas, Festivals & Annual Events at Lake Chapala

Tradition, holidays and a strong sense of community identity are some of the most important facets of life for the locals who live in Ajijic and the surrounding towns at Lake Chapala.

Even when the holidays in Ajijic are Catholic, the traditions that they include persist from year to year not because of the Church, but because of the townspeople who work hard to sustain them. The Church itself does very little to maintain the town's many processions, feast days and traditions. Even the 40-year-old Passion Play is produced by a group of townspeople that operates independently of the Church; all of the costs are covered by small donations and fundraisers.

The real caretakers of Ajijic's traditions are the core groups of families and town members who selflessly dedicate their time and limited resources to preserving these holidays and the local customs that they entail.

The majority of the 22 annual holidays and events below take place between mid-September and Easter. You'll find holidays that are celebrated nationally, plus some that are only celebrated in Ajijic, such as the Mexican Bread Pudding Fair. All are celebrated in ways that are uniquely Ajijic.

Below you'll also find some annual events and fairs such as the Feria Maestros del Arte and the Mexican National Chili Cookoff.

Holidays & Festivals at Lake Chapala