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Día del Niño

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Children’s Day in Ajijic is celebrated with special school events & an afternoon at the lienzo charro.

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Mexico has a deep love for children that borders sometimes on reverence.

Children’s Day is observed in many countries on various dates. In Mexico, it’s officially April 30, but Ajijic often celebrates it on a nearby weekend.

2020 Día del Niño Information

The 2020 plans have not yet been released. Check back here in the month before the event for more details.

2019 Information

In Ajijic, families will gather on Saturday, April 27, in the town’s lienzo charro at 5 p.m. for an evening of classic kids games like musical chairs, sack jumping – and bull riding.

There will also be another celebration on Monday, April 29, at 5 p.m. on the Ajijic malecón featuring crafts, piñatas and traditional games.

Toy Donations

At the Saturday, April 27 event, kids are given prizes if they win the games which are played. If you able to make any toy donations, please bring them to our town’s delegado, Juan Flores, at the delegación, located on the southwest corner of the Ajijic plaza:

Last updated November 7, 2019

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